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Premium vs Free WordPress Themes

For whatever length of time that I have been a WordPress client the discussion encompassing free versus premium WordPress themes has been held. What’s more, just on the off chance that you’re pondering, that is essentially since the start. So no doubt something so essential ought to have a last answer at this point, correct?

Maybe. However, up until now, there have kept on being headways over the WordPress ecosphere (themes, modules, and center) that have kept on moving the discussion marginally along these lines, somewhat that way, never completely arriving on one side or the other.

A couple of years back, I may have said unequivocally that it is dependably a smart thought to run with premium themes. What’s more, truth be told, I probably still lean that way. I utilize premium themes for the majority of my own projects. Be that as it may, an idea has been bothering at me for some time now and I can’t resist the urge to feel it has some legitimacy.

That musing is this: with the majority of the extraordinary modules out there, including page manufacturer/theme customizer modules, wouldn’t one be able to sensibly simply hoard the correct suite of modules and utilize a free WordPress theme as a starter base for their site?

The appropriate response obviously is truly, you could do that. Maybe now more so than any other time in recent memory. Be that as it may, regardless of whether its justified, despite all the trouble would rely upon indistinguishable thing from this choice has dependably relied on: gauging the pros and cons. Which is actually what we will do (and that’s only the tip of the iceberg) in the present post.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Free WordPress Theme

As I referenced above, it is conceivable to get by (even flourish) on a free WordPress theme. Nonetheless, you will need to ensure that your necessities are met after the accompanying pros/cons are gauged and the rules underneath are met.

Free WordPress Theme Pros:

They’re free! That point essentially influences itself I to assume.

Strategically placed inside your WordPress Admin under Appearance > Themes. Instead of premium themes which require an outsider shop or commercial center. Obviously this shouldn’t imply that that you can’t discover free WordPress themes somewhere else however as you’ll peruse in my rules underneath, you might need to stay away from them.

Free WordPress themes will in general be perfect with much more modules than premium themes. This is on the grounds that the majority of the free WordPress themes in the official archive all need to fulfill certain guidelines to be approved.

They will in general be more slender than the well known “across the board” premium WordPress themes. So on the off chance that you can locate a free theme that addresses your issues without providing the majority of the additional highlights that accompany numerous top of the line premium themes then you may really be in an ideal situation.

Whenever downloaded from the authority WordPress storehouse, free WordPress themes will have experienced an official survey process. This guarantees a specific base dimension of value and similarity that you can rely upon. Numerous premium themes break WordPress improvement best practices for progressively proprietary models, regularly without consideration of how this could contrarily affect their clients.

Free WordPress Theme Cons:

Free WordPress themes don’t generally accompany any sort of help. This can be a genuine article breaker for some as it’s frequently important to investigate a bug or part of another theme. You’ll need to agree to general help through or theme client discussions.

They additionally don’t refresh as regularly. Which isn’t a problem… until it’s a problem. It very well may be truly disappointing not having the capacity to refresh your WordPress introduce in light of the fact that it will break your theme. This can likewise prompt security vulnerabilities.

Most free WordPress themes are deficient as far as client experience– for both site designers and guests. This is felt most distinctly on the backend. Numerous premium WordPress theme shops/creators put a lot of exertion into making the utilization of their theme pleasant. Free themes will in general hold back around there.

Free WordPress themes are bound to be security vulnerabilities. This as referenced above as a component of the refresh con however there are different ways they can be liabilities notwithstanding a moderate improvement cycle. For example, some free themes are explicitly intended to convey malevolent code. This is the reason it’s constantly essential to pursue the rules I’ve included underneath.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Premium WordPress Theme

Premium WordPress themes have a great deal going for them, as you’ll see beneath. Be that as it may, with the majority of the premium theme creators and shops out there (this one included) singing their adulates, it very well may be hard to place yourself in a spot where you really consider their potential drawbacks. Ideally the focuses I make underneath will help.

Premium WordPress Theme Pros:

Practically all premium WordPress themes accompany backing or something to that affect; discussion, email, telephone, and so on. This is a tremendous reward for clients of all aptitude levels. A ton of the time, figuring out how best to utilize another WordPress theme isn’t so much learning this bit of code or that bit, however figuring out how the engineers who made it think. Learning their rationale enables you to make sense of additional for yourself; yet once in a while a push (or a few) in the correct heading is a major help.

For the most part, the nature of premium WordPress themes are a lot higher than their free partners. The explanation for this is straightforward. The income their theme creates reserves their capacity to improve it. For good shops/designers this makes a positive input circle where their products are consistently improving as an ever increasing number of clients come to utilize them.

Numerous premium WordPress themes accompany propelled usefulness. The great kind I mean. For example, progressed module suites (like WooDojo or Elegant Themes’ modules) or progressed administrator boards that make customizations and general site design much less demanding.

All parts of configuration are generally much better with premium WordPress themes. From page templates to backend administrator pages/menus. When you’re utilizing your site throughout each and every day, great structure goes far towards improving your productivity and keeping up your mental stability.

Security is a tremendous need for premium WordPress theme shops/creators. Furthermore, they have the cash to spend on fulfilling the high security guidelines of their clients (and the theme business when all is said in done).

The refresh cycle with premium WordPress themes will in general be more tightly and increasingly receptive to changes with WordPress center and other essential components. This influences everything from little bugs to enormous security issues. There are a thousand little issues that can emerge from an obsolete theme. The best way to keep away from them is standard updates, which premium theme shops/creators will in general be better at.

Premium WordPress Theme Cons:

Here and there the value point for your most loved theme can be very high yet still require further authorizing expenses in years to come. In case you’re only energetic about a side interest and not really making enough cash to balance your theme costs, a premium theme with month to month or yearly authorizing charges can genuinely dunk into your wallet.

Premium themes don’t have an official survey process. This implies premium theme shops/creators can overlook WordPress advancement best practices in specific zones. Once in a while this can cause minor irritations, different occasions it can cost much more. Look at the premium theme purchasing rules beneath for additional on this point.

Premium WordPress themes have a higher potential for “theme swell”. Which is the common exchange off that happens with more highlights and usefulness. This does not constantly mean you are getting a “moderate” theme or site, however it’s almost certain.

Your premium WordPress theme shop/creator could cease their product. This, obviously, is a worry for anybody utilizing a WordPress theme. In any case, if a premium theme shop/creator goes under and quits refreshing their products at that point you’re not only in for a ton of work progressing to another theme but on the other hand you’re out of your cash.

Rules for Choosing a Free WordPress Theme

In the event that in the wake of perusing the pros and cons above you have concluded that you’d like out a free WordPress theme an attempt, at that point I’d very prescribe following the accompanying rules to ensure you nullify whatever number of the cons as could be expected under the circumstances.

Just utilize a free WordPress theme from a legitimate source. Truth be told, I’d prescribe just utilizing very evaluated free themes from the authority WordPress archive.

Ensure the theme creator is dynamic and updates routinely. When you are perusing themes on the store, take watchful note of the theme creator’s past movement, surveys, and so forth.

Degree out your help choices. A few shops or creators of free WordPress themes do offer help. This can be a tremendous help in case you’re not a propelled client.

Pick something generally new. For the creator of a free WordPress theme to keep up an old theme they must have an extremely expansive client base. Regardless of whether this is simply the situation however, WordPress has changed and progressed. More up to date themes will be intended to exploit that.

Quality Free Theme Examples

There are a huge amount of superb free WordPress themes accessible out there. These are only three that I would go through myself or hold as genuine guides to contrast other free themes with.

1. Twenty Twelve

Twenty Twelve is a bit older but in this case that guideline can be bent. As the 2012 default WordPress theme with Automattic themselves authoring its safe to say that this theme will be kept up to date and following WordPress development best practices. On top of that, it’s a really great, simple design, perfect for customization. It’s layout works well for blogs or business websites.

2. Twenty Fifteen

The Twenty Fifteen theme by Automattic is the 2015 default WordPress theme. It’s great for blogging and designed specifically for readability with beautiful typography. Because it’s the default and it’s by Automattic, it’s always going to be up to date and most if not all plugins will be made to be compatible with it.

3. Storefront

Storefront is a free e-commerce theme by WooThemes. It was built to function as a free compliment to their most popular plugin (also free) WooCommerce. It’s responsive, flexible, and surprisingly powerful for a free theme. Plus, because WooThemes is so invested in this project it is always guaranteed to be up to date and compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce.

Rules for Choosing a Premium WordPress Theme

On the off chance that you’ve picked a premium WordPress theme, at that point you are probably deciding on a more secure wager. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t at present turn out badly. To guarantee that you end up with an extraordinary premium WordPress theme and not only a costly oversight, I’d profoundly suggest following the rules beneath.

Gage your satisfactory value point on your genuine salary. Or on the other hand, in any event, on how much income you remain to create through your buy. This is a note principally for freelancers and organizations. On the off chance that you need certain highlights/usefulness to work as a business, at that point WordPress apparatuses are madly reasonable when contrasted with other “undertaking” programming. Get what you need and ensure you’re producing enough income to legitimize it.

Just run with the most legitimate (and monetarily steady) premium WordPress theme shops and creators. There are a gigantic measure of engineers out there who couldn’t care less about quality; they care about deals. Try not to succumb to advertisements or enticing duplicate. Peruse audits, focus on notoriety, and pick somebody with an extraordinary reputation for brilliance. Goodness, and it is anything but a terrible plan to check for their business indispensable signs as well. An extraordinary product is just an incredible product for whatever length of time that it is kept up. In the event that they go under, at that point it’s each of the a wash.

Look at their help contributions to ensure they address your issues. Pretty much each and every premium theme shop or creator will provide support as a major aspect of your buy. Be that as it may, not all help groups are made equivalent. You need to locate the ones with an incredible notoriety for consumer loyalty. There’s nothing more awful than sticking around with your site down or looking terrible while your help ticket goes unnoticed for quite a long time.

Pick a theme that really looks entirely near what you need. Something else, what’s the purpose of paying for a premium plan? Except if obviously you’re purchasing a manufacturer theme like Divi or The X Theme, in which case it ought to be really simple to make whatever you need.

Try not to end up blinded by highlights. Pick themes in light of conveyability! This is such a major issue. Try not to give yourself a chance to get caught by highlights that don’t port to different themes. On the off chance that you are ever compelled to switch themes down the line you will have a noteworthy migraine staring you in the face.

Quality Premium Theme Examples

The three themes (or theme shops) underneath are ones that I have actually utilized and prescribe to other people. I ought to likewise make reference to WooThemes as their Canvas theme and suite of modules is truly incredible as well.

Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Avada is the #1 selling WordPress theme available. Basically, it is the most adaptable, simple to utilize multi-reason WordPress theme. It is genuinely stand-out, different themes can just endeavor to incorporate the immense system alternatives that Avada incorporates. Avada is tied in with structure one of a kind, imaginative and professional sites through industry driving alternatives organize without contacting a line of code. Our incredibly adaptable system of choices is combined with a simple to utilize interface that enables anybody from apprentice to cutting edge fabricate excellent, responsive sites. It isn’t just a theme, it is a ground-breaking configuration device. Avada can be anything you want it to be a direct result of our adaptable system. It has a perfect structure, a completely responsive system, industry driving alternatives arrange and the natural Fusion Builder that makes page assembling a breeze. Avada certainly sets the new standard with unlimited conceivable outcomes, first rate support, and unimaginable highlighted pressed updates asked for from our clients. Avada is the most simple to utilize theme available and totally prepared to work out of the container. Worked with HTML5 and CSS3, a ton of thought and care went into this theme making it a joy to utilize.

X | The Theme

Stacks – X incorporates numerous one of a kind structures within one ground-breaking WordPress theme, and we allude to these plans as “Stacks.” There are as of now four Stacks accessible in X. It resembles getting one theme and constantly gaining admittance to new plans constantly!


At long last we come to Divi and the Elegant Themes line of industry driving WordPress themes. Divi is a brilliant, incredible, adaptable, and too basic theme to utilize. Indeed, even non-planners and non-engineers can turn out astounding a great many websites with this stunning theme.

In Conclusion

I’m a major adherent to settling on educated choices since you’ve considered your alternatives completely, not on the grounds that that is exactly what everybody says you ought to do. Which is for what reason I’m not one to indiscriminately prescribe that everybody purchase a premium theme.

For some organizations and freelancers reliant on their WordPress site for money, approaching premium help, a more elevated amount of security, and better structure alternatives out of the container will do what needs to be done for them. In any case, truly, even those WordPress clients may be amazed with how far they could get with a quality free theme, oversaw WordPress facilitating (for both speed and security), the privilege modules, and some customization.

At last, as I said above, everything relies upon you and your inclinations after the majority of the pros and cons a have been weighed against your necessities.

What are your contemplations on free themes versus premium themes? Which do you use? It would be ideal if you pause for a moment or two and offer your accounts and suppositions with the entire network in the remarks area beneath.

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